Advisors Welcome

Welcome to the Students of Color in Technology! 

It's our personal goal to engage with every student and provide an introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) topics. No matter what experience or knowledge a student has with STEM, we want to provide a space for the students to learn, be challenged and interact in practical workshops. Our advisors are passionate about giving back and we are dedicated to seeing the success of every student.


We look forward to seeing your students here at SoC-IT as we move toward the future!   

 ~ Elizabeth Pea, Administrative Coordinator ~

Meet Our Advisors

Victoria Pea
Activities Coordinator
Zaneta Kelsey
Fundraising Coordinator
Henry Wolf
Tutoring Coordinator
Branden Messenger
Natasha Herring
Social Media Coordinator
Jonathan Seals
External Relations Coordinator
Pamela Pea
Jonathan Cook
Javier Hollines