Vision Statement

To increase the number of pre-college students who strive for higher education, to grow academically and become confident in pursuing STEM careers upon college graduation.

Why be apart of SoC-IT? 

The advisors of SoC-IT firmly believe in opportunities. We believe that what students need to be successful is someone who is willing to take the time to give your student a push. The advisors of SoC-IT want to be that push for your student!


As the world continues to progress we see that technology has a presence everywhere. This effects the jobs that are available and drives the skills and knowledge that are necessary for individuals to be successful. At SoC-IT we believe this is the perfect opportunity to provide a useful resource for the generation of tomorrow. 


At SoC-IT we want to encourage your students to not be afraid to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). SoC-IT wants to instill fearlessness and inspiration into the generation of tomorrow by showing them STEM is nothing to back away from.

Benefits of SoC-IT 


Being involved with SoC-IT teaches your student:

  • Leadership

  • Career Readiness

  • Community Involvement

  • Communication Skills

  • Motivation to pursue higher education

  • Confidence to learn STEM

  • How to stay interested in STEM

  • How to network

And more!

SoC-IT is also involved with the in state colleges and universities. We take your student on campus tours to show how practical it is to pursue a higher education!

Your students will have real conversations with guest speakers from engineering companies around the world!

At the monthly workshops your student will learn how to do projects of their own to further their desire to pursue STEM.

By attending our lectures and workshops every month your student will become more confident in the classes at the educational institution they attend. If there are any questions about the subjects they are studying bring those questions to SoC-IT! We are more than happy to be a resource for your student to use to pass their classes and get a better understanding in the subjects they are learning.